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The City Influence Model for Data-Driven Decision-Making

Now I am pleased to inform you that our service has a fundamentally new model for assessing the impact of management decisions
Our new model of the impact of some changes in some city indicators on others is designed to change the way we make decisions and provide valuable insight into the consequences of management decisions. Let's take a closer look at its key features and how they might benefit you:

Nonlinear Effects Functionality: Our model uses a combination of modern and fundamental approaches to analysis, namely the use of neural networks to solve large systems of differential equations describing the relationship of the city's main indicators, to analyze the impact of management decisions with incredible accuracy. Thus, each impact has optimums that allow us to understand the optimal size of the decision to achieve maximum efficiency.
The business impact function of investment
Implemented at 5,000 locations: Since the model is already working in more than 5,000 territories and 4 admin level(from districts to counties), you can rest assured that it has been thoroughly tested and fine-tuned. This extensive implementation ensures that the findings and recommendations are robust and applicable to a wide range of scenarios. You can test them now by going to our service
Regional locations
Classification of Cities: To supplement the learning model, our system incorporates city classification. This means that insights gained from one city can be used to inform decisions in another, providing a broader perspective and enhancing the overall accuracy of the model.
Distribution of locations into groups, where each point is a location and the color is a separate group
Visualization of the City Model: We understand the importance of clear and intuitive visualization. Our model offers easy-to-understand visual representations of the city, allowing you to grasp complex concepts at a glance. This feature enables effective communication of findings to stakeholders and enhances decision-making processes.
The third tab of the service showcases a dynamic model of the selected city's influence, allowing users to click on various elements. Additionally, there is an explanatory note that provides information about the influence selection process, as well as a transfer function that illustrates the impact on another indicator. A graph visually represents the effect on this indicator.
So, how can these new features be useful to you? 🤔

💼 Heads of Investment Banks: Gain valuable insights into the potential impact of investment decisions on cities. Understand which size of investment is most beneficial and make informed choices that optimize returns.

🏢 City Managers: Make data-driven decisions that have a positive impact on your city's development. Identify the most effective strategies, allocate resources efficiently, and enhance the well-being of your residents.

📊 Data Journalists: Access a powerful tool to analyze and report on the effects of management decisions. Uncover trends, highlight success stories, and contribute to informed public discussions surrounding urban development.

The city's new influence model is set to transform decision-making processes, providing you with unprecedented insights and empowering you to make impactful choices. Embrace the power of data and join us in shaping a brighter future for our cities!

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