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The digital twin of the city is
A system for managing territorial development based on estimates and forecasts. It links the dynamics of basic and target indicators in time, space and sectors. The system is built from top to bottom - from the goals of territorial development to individual objects and subjects. Detailed indicators ensure the integrity of management decision parameters and are implemented through standard territorial management mechanisms.
Providing subscriptions to data on the socio-economic development of territories
Infrastructure Monitoring and Management
Monitoring and risk management
Production capacity analysis and planning
Developing software to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of management decisions
Evaluation of investments in the development and reconstruction of fixed assets
Improving management and decision support systems
Forecasting the socio-economic development of territories using mathematical models
What kind of problems does it solve?
The most essential urban analytics features for business investors and city managers in one place
Choose any indicator for any settlement on our map to see how things go – and how they will go if nothing changes. Compare cities, industries and different development scenarios between one another – find out existing bottlenecks and opportunities for investment. You can also download all the data you view for your own analysis
What we offer
unique city model to evaluate your projects
You can assess a city as a system of linked indicators. Models are explicitly adjusted for each location. Evaluate the impact of changing indicators and quantify the changes on others. This will help you to make more informed decisions and find places to optimise your project.
Smart Search on Our City Analysis Service
Find the most relevant information about any city with our smart search tab. Our advanced algorithms quickly sift through vast amounts of data to provide you with up-to-date insights on demographics, economy, housing, education, and more. Whether you're a researcher, policymaker, or just curious about urban life, our smart search tab is the perfect tool for gaining valuable insights.
Our visualisation techniques are designed specifically to make you feel comfortable quickly understanding complex data sets and making better decisions. You can download any graph in a convenient format and embed it in your reports, articles and presentations
We collect and process data from all municipal levels in multiple countries. We identify trends and make projections . Our data provides you with valuable insights into trends and patterns to help you make better decisions. You can download them at any time in excel format
Learn more about the data processing pipeline
The pipeline is designed to collect, process and analyse data on urban development using mathematical models. The data preparation pipeline is a continuous data processing system.

It ensures transparency and traceability of data at each stage of processing, as well as integrity and completeness of output indicators.

The pipeline also corresponds to balance ratios and is used to prepare management decisions aimed at achieving the target state.
Everything is connected. Any change inevitably leads to others with some consequences being so obscure that traditional methods of strategic planning overlook them entirely.

By making the Digital Twins of cities – models where city growth indicators are tied with analytical algorithms and each other in a cohesive interconnected whole – we aim to significantly improve city forecasts and, therefore, the quality of decision making.
Elucidated solutions for |
Interrelations and intergrity
Time series
19 GB
4 M
5 k
Find out where the data comes from so you can make informed decisions and have confidence in the reliability and accuracy of the information.
Best policy is the policy based on hard evidence. To get required indicators we are aggregating official open data sources (Eurostat, OECD, UNdata, state/municipal data portals).
Reliable data sources
After cleaning, checking and unifying collected sets we calculate synthetic values needed for analysis.
We have rich experience in dealing with raw data and so we know how to handle deficiency, inconsistencies and missing variables.
Comprehensive datasets
Where does data come from?
We offer you cooperation to improve the quality of service and solve social and economic problems of your location
You’d like to attract attention to your town or village – make it visible for other people and companies? Or do you believe our data to be inaccurate because it diverges from your local sources?
Eliminate inaccuracies
Or maybe you are a data supplier, who would like to contribute into solving commercial and social problems? Or a data journalist, whose interests lie in urban and municipal development?


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