Real problems (low quality of life, environmental harm, insufficient efficiency of the economy and business, infrastructure deterioration, etc) are composite and embedded in global context. To reduce their severity, you need to affect the factors that at first glance have nothing to do with the case.

Technology and big data have not made anyone more clear-sighted — and they will not make effective and timely decisions for us, this responsibility remains ours and ours only.

From diversity, connectedness and unpredictability comes complexity. From complexity — incomprehension. From incomprehension — indecision.

And from indecision — inaction.

We, the Digital Twin company, are not afraid — and we are ready to undertake tasks of any difficulty.

We see the world as a set of complex and holistic systems, and we are capable of modeling the structure and condition of such systems, as well as the processes in them, while taking into account internal and external connections.

We are using an engineering approach — and it has not failed us yet.

We have already solved many problems in different areas…
…and we urge you to offer the next one.

Our team consists of top-notch experts in applied math, physics, economics, and data science. We can provide the full stack – data, math, tools, insights, and advice.
We’ll take unstructured information, enrich it with open data from verified sources and create exclusive reports and recommendations packed with interactive graphs.
Environmental, social, and governance strategies play a major role for both people and companies – and we have extensive experience in analyzing the efficiency of existing initiatives and modeling the possible consequences of measures that are yet to be implemented.
Digital Twin is a European business intelligence and IT company with extensive experience in digital twins for smart cities and large capital investment projects.
In our core we are a team of high-skilled mathematicians and analysts, experts in applied math and economics who aim to conduct research using AI and ML and make an impact on human lives. We help to digitize complex social economical systems and provide tools for interactive modeling of future consequences and impacts.
Our methods are verified by 20+ projects for investment banks, governments, public administrations, utilities, pipeline operators and industrial groups.
  • Serge
     CEO and Founder
    • MSc in Computer Science, Mathematics, and Data Science
    • Experience in oil and gas, chemical and petroleum industries, government, finance, energy, and utilities
  • Oxana
    • Excellent analyst with great critical thinking skills
    • Self-starter with top-notch skills in teamwork and partnerships
    • Outstanding communicator
  • Waldemar
    Head of Data Science
    • PhD in Mathematics and Data Science
    • 10+ years in deploying ML models into production systems
    • Good understanding of probability factors, statistics, and Big Data
  • Paul
    Head of Projects
    • MSc in Computer Science
    • 6+ years in business intelligence and analytics
    • Excellent skills in utilizing statistical techniques to gain key insights that help solve business problems
  • Waldemar
    Head of Scientific Research
    • PhD in Mathematics
    • 45+ years of technical, mathematical, physical, and economic expertise in complex technical and industrial systems, reliability assessments, and development of targeted comprehensive industry programs and software for monitoring technical conditions
  • Konstantin
    • MSc in Mathematics
    • R programming experience, strong software engineering knowledge, and ability to write high-quality code
    • 18+ years in banking (IT, information security, RS, terminals, payment cards, and more)
  • Nick
    Quantitative Researcher
    • BSc in Mathematics and Physics (Engineering, Statistics)
    • 3+ years in ML libraries R, Python, analytics, and technology
    • Specializes in time series analysis and mathematical model formation
    • Builds large data systems and creates analytical dashboards
  • Baga
    • 5+ years in business processes and data science
    • R, C++, Python, Java, SQL
    • Advanced knowledge and experience in statistical tests, ML tools, and deep learning tools (Keras, Tensorflow)
    • In-depth knowledge of NLP
  • Eugen
    • PhD in Theoretical Physics (quantum physics)
    • 10+ years as a database and security administrator
    • 4+ years in machine learning, ETL, data pipelines, Python + R
  • Daria
    Data Analyst
    • MSc in Physics (Photonics and Optical Information Technologies)
    • Python, R, C, SQL
    • 2+ years in scientific research and mathematical modeling
  • Dinar
    Data Analyst
    • BSc in Computer Science (Data Science)
    • Python, R, SQL
    • Experience in ML and DL tools (TensorFlow, PyTorch)


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