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Enterprise Production Flow Monitoring and Analysis
Our dashboard solutions allow you to explore and analyze data in the best possible way
Here is part of the interactive analytical platform for an investment bank designed for monitoring problem asset performance. Product prices, production facility structures, planned production, and financial models were all taken into account and put together.
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Global Energy Market Model
This is an interactive analytical platform for monitoring international energy markets, economies, and demographics. You can access data and processing graphs, along with intermediate results for any country you choose – and get an analysis of the potential for energy development
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Market Behavior: Interactive Modeling
These interactive models were developed as part of a strategic planning platform for one of the world’s leading mineral fertilizer producers. The tasks of automatically uploading user data, carrying out ad-hoc analysis, and sending reports, were all completed successfully
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Another Use Case?
We develop the best analytical tools on the market. All details of the dashboard, from the mathematical and economic model to the unique design, are dedicated to one goal – solving your problems.
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What’s Inside?
A picture is worth a thousand words. To demonstrate our interactive models and analytical platforms at their best, we’ve carefully selected the most interesting parts of our previous projects.
The dedicated team helps collect, clean, and verify open and private data.
We visualize information in diagrams, maps, reports and dashboards.
You get a solution to your mathematical, economic or optimization challenge in a convenient format: an interactive web application or report.
Problem Solution
We use socioeconomic models to support planning and strategic development for cities, civil infrastructure, and industrial enterprises.
How we work
We carefully study your requirements, develop an approach, define the scope of work, and kick off the project.
You just need to provide raw data:
  • Sets of poorly structured and cleaned data,
  • Documents,
  • Regulations,
  • Real-time sensor data.
We can help you depersonalize your data in order to maintain confidentiality if it's required.
Data collection, extraction, depersonalization
Our analysts will
  • Describe the system and detect interactions,
  • Spot bottlenecks,
  • Identify opportunities,
  • Suggest goals and KPIs based on the data analyzed
System Analysis
At this stage we:
  • Simulate the impacts of multiple decisions,
  • Calculate the optimal plans for production, pricing, finances, marketing, and investments,
  • Identify bottlenecks and constraints.
After our comprehensive analysis we’re ready to:
  • Deliver the report with the insights and recommendations (if required),
  • Reveal the models and methods of analysis,
  • Set up interactive self-service tools for monitoring, analyzing, and forecasting,
  • Make sure intellectual property is fully protected,
  • Transfer the model, datasets, and tools to your team (cloud or onprem).
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