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A comprehensive solution for optimising production processes and improving sustainability, efficiency and profitability of the enterprise

The digital twin of an enterprise is

A tool for effective analysis and planning, decision support, production process optimisation and increased profitability.
We offer a comprehensive solution for market monitoring, demand forecasting, production and financial planning.
You can make informed strategic decisions, avoid inefficient costs and steer your business towards sustainable development and growth.
Our approach considers external context and production optimisation to drive growth and mitigate risk. Our manufacturing model incorporates market and process analysis to improve revenue and sustainability.

We model production as a multi-threaded and dynamic model,
We also take into account production specifics such as under- and over-utilisation of production capacity.

Using a digital twin of the production process, we can identify bottlenecks and assess the impact of management decisions. We also assess the cost and payback of technology replacement.

Our tool takes into account capacity constraints and receivables, as well as the life and production cycles of a business.


Operational inefficiencies
Complex production processes can lead to inefficiencies such as production bottlenecks, under-utilised assets and sub-optimal resource allocation
Downtime and maintenance costs
Unplanned downtime and high maintenance costs disrupt production schedules and affect profits.
Complex supply chain management
Industrial companies often require complex supply chains, which makes it difficult to maintain optimal inventory levels, ensure just-in-time delivery and respond to market fluctuations.
Quality control and variability
Maintaining consistent product quality across multiple production cycles can be challenging.
Decision complexity
High-stakes decisions require accurate data and careful analysis.
Market volatility and demand forecasting
Fluctuations in market demand can lead to overproduction or shortages.
Digital twin


For modeling complex socio-economic, industrial systems and infrastructure

What is it useful for?

Energy sector
Aim to optimise operations, predict maintenance needs of critical equipment and ensure efficient energy distribution.
Energy sector
Oil & Gas
Optimise and improve drilling operations, oil refining, supply chain logistics and predictive maintenance of equipment.
Optimise resource allocation, infrastructure maintenance management and predictive maintenance of demand fluctuations.
Mining and metals
Monitor complex production processes to control equipment performance, optimise extraction processes and ensure compliance with safety regulations.
Mining and metals
Industrial design consultants
Use the platform to provide customised solutions to clients in a variety of industries.


As a manager, you want your business to run as smoothly as possible. Our product helps you achieve this goal by ensuring the reliability and integrity of your business operations.
Forecasting supply, demand and product pricing optimises production planning and resource allocation, enabling market-adaptive, sustainable growth.
Forecasting supply, demand and product pricing optimises production planning and resource allocation, enabling market-adaptive, sustainable growth.

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Mathematical models to solve problems

Mathematical models are tools that help us understand and solve problems in many different fields. They can be built using a combination of physical principles and mathematical equations, as well as the results of research in fields such as economics or energy.
Advanced techniques such as neural networks and deep learning are also used to find the most effective solutions to complex problems.
Market models are based on factor analysis of interrelationships, which makes it possible to estimate the dynamics of supply and demand. They make it easier to forecast costs and adjust the volume of production taking into account technological processes and capacities of the enterprise, as well as to create a sales and supply plan. The model solves the problem of monitoring and simulating scenarios of development of markets for finished products, raw materials, materials and labour.

The model also allows for an effective assessment of the return on investment and the implementation of replacement technologies in the production cycle. This allows companies to adapt to unpredictable changes in the market while maintaining their competitiveness.
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Analytical platform
Analytical report
Interactive stand
Outsourcing specialist
Alienation model (API)

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